• Usage Information

    Are the wheels of Ovis omni-directional wheels?

    The front two wheels are omni-directional wheels. Two rear wheels are only omni-directional during manual mode; they become motor wheels when auto-following.

    What happens if Ovis runs out of battery?

    The App will notify you when battery level is at 20%. When Ovis runs out of battery, the rear wheels will switch to omni-directional wheels mode, and can be dragged just as a normal luggage.

    How will Ovis perform in crowded places?

    Ovis utilizes computer vision technology to combine different sensors’ data, precisely following the owner and avoiding obstacles, even in crowded places. However, we do recommend switching to manual mode under extremely crowded scenarios.

    Can Ovis travel uphill/downhill?

    Yes. Ovis is equipped with two precise and powerful motors, sustaining smooth travel on slopes up to a 6° gradient.

    What devices can I charge with Ovis?

    Ovis can be used to charge your phone, tablet or other mobile devices.

    What is a TSA lock?

    TSA Customs Lock are locks designed to be accessed by the US customs even if the owner is not present. It is required by US laws to have TSA approved locks on all luggage for emergency safety inspections.

    Is Ovis allowed on board an airplane?

    Yes. The dimensions of Ovis (15 in*8.7 in* 21.6 in) is compatible with airline regulations for carry-ons; The removable 96 wh battery also meets IATA standards for carry-ons.

    What is the battery life?

    When fully charged, the battery will last you two round trips (20km).

    Can Ovis follow me on both sides?

    Ovis is able to follow you on your right side or rear side.

    On what surfaces can Ovis travel?

    Ovis can walk on any surfaces, including grassland, tactile paving, etc.

    How to charge Ovis? How long does it need to be fully charged?

    Ovis can be charged directly through the cable. You can also remove the battery to charge it separately. The battery can be fully charged in less than 4 hours.

    What happens if someone takes my Ovis?

    Ovis comes with the SmartBand; when the distance between you and the suitcase becomes too large (>2m), the SmartBand alarm will notify you. Ovis is also equipped with a GPS tag gadget in which it can track Ovis anywhere on the globe through the App.

  • About the APP

    Where can I download the Ovis App?

    The Ovis App can be downloaded in the App Store, Android store, and on our website.

    What are the system requirements for the Ovis App?

    Any iOS or Android device that supports Bluetooth will be able to use the App to connect to Ovis and the SmartBand.

    Will the App have version updates?

    Yes. Regular version updates will be available, including software upgrades to Ovis.

  • Return and Warranty

    How long is the return window?

    Within 30 days of delivery.

    Is warranty included with purchase?

    Warranty is included up to one year for electronic components, and up to three years for mechnical components of Ovis.

    Is replacement service available?

    Replacement is available within 15 days of delivery.

  • Shipping

    When will Ovis ship?

    We are expected to ship in Dec 2018.

    Which regions are available for shipping?

    Global Free Shipping.

    What is the shipping time?

    The shipping time depends on different carriers and different regions. We will notify you of the delivery time by email when we ship.

    Can you ship to P.O. Boxes?

    No. We currently do not support shipping to P.O. Boxes.

    Change of address?

    If you need to update your shipping address, please contact our customer service team: support@forwardx.com.

    How can I check the status of my pre-order?

    The ForwardX team will continuously update the Indiegogo campaign page and update every backer on the manufacture and shipping process. For more info, please contact support@forwardx.com.